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 A.  John Jennens (~1502 England - 3 Aug 1575 Eng) married ___ and had sons below.  He died in Birmingham, England, and was buried there in St Martin’s Church Cemetery.

  1.  William Jennens  -  see B below

  2.  Peter Jenings (~1542 - ~1603) may be a son here.  He md Elizabeth Parker and had:

   a.  Peter Jenings (~1590 - 1651) md Anne Baldwin, had son below, died in Silsden, England.

    (1)  Jonathan Jenings (~1614 - 1649) md Elizabeth Parker, had son below, died in County York, Eng

     (a)  Sir Edmund Jennens (1626Eng - 1687Eng) md Margaret Barkham and had the son below.  He was a member of the British Parliament in 1660-80, died in County York, England.

      1  Edmund Jennings (1659 Eng - 1727VA) md Frances Corbin, was governor of Virginia

 B.  William Jennens (~1530 Eng - 2 Dec 1602 Eng) married Jean (Joanna) Elliot (? - 10 Dec 1621) on 28 Jan 1559 in St Martin’s Church in Birmingham, England, and had the son below.  They were buried at the same church.

 C.  John Jennens (2 Apr 1579 Eng - 25 Feb 1651 Eng) married ___, married Joyce Werner on 24 Oct 1602 in Birmingham, England, and had the children below.  They were also buried in Birmingham, England.

  1.  Humphrey Jennens  -  see D below

  2.  Richard Jennens (1600 Eng - ?VA) may be a son here.  He immigrated to Barbados in 1635 and to the Virginia Colony in 1636.

  3.  John Jennings (~1600) may be a son here.  He md Alice Spencer, had son at County Hartford, England.

   a.  Richard Jennings (~1621) md Frances Thornhurst, had two daughters

  4.  Nicholas Jennens (1612) may be a son here.  He immigrated to Virginia in 1634.  The following year, Jane Jennings (1610) immigrated to Virginia; she could have been his wife.

 D.  Humphrey Jennens (Aug 1629 Eng - 6 Jul 1689 Eng) was born in County York and christened on 23 Aug 1629 in St Martin’s Church in Birmingham, England.  He married Mary Milword (1636 Eng - 27 Aug 1708 Eng) on 16 Sep 1657 in Brimingham and had the children below.  Mary was born in Shuttington, County Worcester, the daughter of Colonel John Milword of County Derby and Ann Whitchalgh.  Both were buried in Nether-Whitacre, Erdington Hall, County Warwick.

  1.  Robert Jennens (Jennings)  -  see E below, page 2

  2.  Charles Jennens (1662Eng) md Mary Cory about 1679, had dau Sarah Ann

  3.  at least ten other children

  4.  William Jennens died a bachelor

 E.  Robert Jennings (~1660 England - 1716VA) is believed to have married Jane Truelock in England and had the children below.  He immigrated to Virginia before 1686 and lived in St Paul's Parish, New Kent County.  His children are listed in the parish register, but there is no record of his marriage.  He participated in the battles against the Indians and was given payment of 450# of tobacco in 1700.  In 1704, he owned 100 acres of land and was a church warden.

  1.  Robert Jennings Jr (1686VA - 1758VA) married Mary Garland in New Kent County, VA, and had the children below.  He lived in St Paul’s Parish, was a church vestryman, a justice, and sheriff.  He had extensive land holdings including 6000 acres in New Kent County, 800 acres in Louisa County, 4600 acres in Lunenburg County, and a large tract in Prince Edward County.  His will was written in 1750 and probated on 6 Jul 1758 in New Kent County.

   a.  Robert Jennings III (~1720VA - 1806VA) married Mary Ann Robinson and had the children below.  She was the daughter of John Robinson and Sally Clement of Cornwall Parish, Charlotte County, and the grand-daughter of Dr John Clement and Many Ann Latane.  Robert received in his father’s will half the land in Lunenburg (part that became Charlotte) County.   He served in the Revolutionary War as a lieutenant and captain in the VA Militia, was a justice of the county court and sheriff.  His will was written in 1805, probated in Dec 1806 in Charlotte County, and left his sons 1700 acres to divide.

    (1)  Robert Garland Jennings

    (2)  Clement A. Jennings md ___ Branch

    (3)  John Robinson Jennings md Frances S. Strange

    (4)  Judith Sydnor Jennings md George Reveley in 1796

    (5)  Mary Latane Jennings md William Gaines in 1794

   b.  John Garland Jennings received in his father’s will half the land in Lunenburg County

   c.  daughters Betty, Sarah, Barbara Jennings received in their father’s will “one negro girl each”

  2.  John Jennings (2 Sep 1698VA) was born in St Paul’s Parish, Hanover County, md ___ and had:

   a.  William Jennings (~1715VA) md Mary Allen and had children below.  He died in Prince Edward Co, VA.

    (1)  William Jennings Jr md ___, lived in Buckingham County, had:

     (a)  Samuel Jennings

     (b)  Phoebe Jennings (1773VA) md William Kelley

     (c)  other daughters Agnes, Fanny, Rhoda, Nancy

    (2)  Robert Jennings (1736VA - 1794VA) md Rachel ___ and had children below.  He lived in Prince Edward County (part that became Appomattox County), served in the county militia in the Revolutionary War.

     (a)  Allen Jennings (~1755VA) md Nancy Mary Gilliam

     (b)  Elizabeth Jennings md David Boa in 1757

     (c)  John Jennings (~1759VA) md Anne Chiles

     (d)  William Jennings (1761VA) md Polly Kidd in 1787, was in Revolutionary War

     (e)  Frances Jennings (1762VA) md ___ Arnold

     (f)   Robert Jennings (1763VA - 1816SC) md Tabitha Lockhart (1778VA - 1847MS) in Wilkes (Lincoln) County, GA.  Tabitha was the daughter of John Lockhart.   Robert moved about 1810 across the Savannah River and bought land in Edgefield District, SC.  Tabitha and children moved to Chickasaw County, Mississippi, in early 1840s.

      1  Clement H. Jennings (~1798 - 1833) md Priscilla Hill

      2  Mary Winn Jennings (1800-186) md Robert Harris Crawford in 1816

      3  Boswell Smith Jennings (1801-1859) md Nancy Crowley in 1823

      4  Osborn Jennings (1803-1861) md Nancy Elizabeth Getson in 1826

      5  Sarah Jennings (1804-1854) md Josia Crowley

      6  Robert Jennings Jr (1808GA - ~1875MS) md Elizabeth Blair, md Sarah H. ___

      7  John Lockhart Jennings (1809-186_) md Mary Ann Hill

      8  Martha Elizabeth Jennings (1812-1890) md John Griffis, md Ambrose Price

     (g)  Agnes Jennings (1765VA) md ___ Arnold

     (h)  Cain Jennings (1767) md Esther Baldwin in 1794

     (i)   David Jennings (1768VA) md Sarah Glen Dabney in 1794

     (j)   Clem Jennings (1770VA) md Ann Wimmbish Cook in 1797

     (k)  Samuel Jennings (1771VA) md Judith Simmons in 1796

     (l)   Richard Jennings (1772VA) md Elizabeth Wood in 1798

     (m) Doctor Jennings (1774VA - ?TN) md Rhoda ___ (1776-1856) and had:

      1  Wiley Jennings (1807) md Sarah Hill

      2  Schuyler Patterson Jennings (1809TN - 1876UT) md Polly Barnett, died in Juab, Utah

      3  Hiram Jennings (1811) md Eliza Arnold

    (3)  Elkanah Jennings md Mary Hill, had two dau, was in Revolutionary War, died in Pr Edward Co

    (4)  Mary Jennings md Robert Cary in 1784

    (5)  John Jennings

    (6)  Agnes Jennings md Bernard Caffery in 1784

   b.  Jonathan Jennings (1730VA - 1784KY) may be a son here.  He was born in Pittsylvania County, md Diannah Bobbitt in 1749 in Bedford County, had children below.  He died in Mercer County, Kentucky.

    (1)  William Jennings (1750VA - 1843VA) md Elizabeth Ogle, had children, died in Carroll Co, VA.

     (a)  Diannah Jennings (1774)

     (b)  Elias Jennings (1775VA)

     (c)  Thomas Jennings (1778VA - 1850VA) md Sarah Clifton, had eight children in Carrol Co, VA

     (d)  Elizabeth Jennings, Susannah Jennings, Jonathan Jennings (1780VA)

     (e)  James Jennings (1794VA)

     (f)   Robert Jennings (1798VA)

     (g)  William Jennings (1799VA - 1848MO) moved to Missouri

     (h)  Anne Jennnings (1800VA)

     (i)   Edmund Jennings (1803VA - 1862) md Elizabeth Dalton, had children in VA

    (2)  Margaret Jennings

    (3)  Jonathan Jennings Jr

    (4)  Edmund Jennings (1757VA - 1840TN) moved to Davidson County, TN

    (5)  Susannah Jennings (1774VA)

  3.  William Jennings  -  see F below, page 3

  4.  Theodosia Jennings

 F.  William Jennings (5 Jul 1702VA - 1800VA) was born in St Paul’s Parish, Hanover, New Kent County, Virginia.  He married Mary Jane Pulliam (1704 Eng - 1794VA) on 24 Jan 1724 and had the children below.  She was the daughter of Joseph and Mary Pulliam, and she had a brother also named William.  The parish register shows that William Jennings worked on the area roads in 1728.  He was a vestryman and sheriff in New Kent County in 1730, moved to Spotsylvania County about 1744, then moved to Nottaway County.  He provided supplies to the Continental Army in the Revolutionary War.  They were buried in the Jennings Burial Grounds in Nottoway County.  His estate was appraised there on 6 Jun 1800, and his will left land and slaves to his children.

  1.  William Jennings Jr (1726VA - 1793VA) md Agnes Dickerson (1732-1785) in 1750 and had the children below.  He lived in Nottaway County, served in the Continental Congress, and supported the Revolution.  In 1785, he moved to Wilkes (now Lincoln) County, GA, on the Savannah River (just across the river from Edgefield County in SC).

   a.  Dickerson Jennings (1751VA - 1833) md Frances Bagley in 1768

   b.  John Jennings (1752VA - 1795VA) md Molly Beasley in 1773, had:

    (1)  William Jennings (~1773VA - 1842SC) md Nancy Dove (SC) and had:

     (a)  Elizabeth Jennings (1802SC - 1878IL) md Lewis McDaniel (1797SC - 1875IL)

    (2)  Jesse Jennings (1782VA - 29 Jul 1854VA) md Martha Etheridge in 1807, had children below, moved to Edgefield County in SC in 1822.

     (a)  Archibald Jennings (1809VA) md Anna Sheeley, moved to Edgefield County, SC

     (b)  Aaron Jennings (1811VA - 1862) md Isabella Richardson, was killed in the Civil War.  His family moved from Edgefield County in SC to Tallapoosa County, AL.

      1  Archibald M. Jennings (1833SC) md Mary Barnes in Tallapoosa County, AL

      2  Joseph Jennings (1840SC)

      3  Aaron J. Jennings (1850AL)

      4  James Jennings (1851AL)

      5  Ellen, Caroline, Rachel, Rosanna, Daptha Ann, Ella, Julia Jennings

     (c)  John Joseph Jennings (1815VA - 1860SC) md Lucy Wills in SC, had children in SC

     (d)  Caroline Jennings

     (e)  Josiah W. Jennings (1821VA) md Jane ___, md Elizabeth Martin, moved to Texas

     (f)   Phillip Jennings (1823SC - 1888SC) md Elizabeth Smith, md Bertha Burks

     (g)  Sampson Jennings (1827SC - 1855SC) md Karen H. Merchant

     (h)  Martha E. Jennings

     (i)   Jesse Jennings Jr (1833SC - 1862) md Sophronia Inabinet, killed in Civil War

   c.  William Jennings md Fannie Jones in 1784

   d.  Moody Jennings md Ann Hundley in 1784

   e.  James Jennings may be the father of:

    (1)  John Jennings (~1799SC - 1864) md Ann Jay (1802SC) and had a son in Edgefield District, SC:

     (a)  William Jennings (1824SC - 1902GA) md Julia Ann Enlow (1826SC - 1893GA) and had the son below in Dawson, Georgia.

      (1)  Rufus Hurley Jennings (1867GA - 1959GA) md Lucy M. Bridges (1908GA - 1974FL)

   f.   Joseph Jennings (1762VA - 1842SC) md Frances Elizabeth Reynolds (1771VA - <1837SC) in 1788 and had the children below.  He died in Edgefield District, SC.  Frances was the daughter of William Reynolds (1740VA - 1805SC) and Margaret Harris of Caroline Co, VA.

    (1)  Robert Jennings (1794) md Lavicy Hill

    (2)  William Jennings (1798-1815) md Hulda Hill; she md second Col James Thompson

    (3)  Thomas Jennings (1798) md LucyTucker (dau of Lamdon Tucker)

    (4)  Polly Jennings md Joseph Price

    (5)  Susan Jennings

    (6)  Elizabeth Jennnings (1804) md John Martin, md Washington Jennings and had:

     (a)  Lucy Jennings md Rev A. L. O’Briant

     (b)  William Judson Jennings md Olive Smith in 1889 and had:

      1  Alice Jennings md Donald Graem Ross

      2  William Judson Jennings Jr md Marjorie Hamilton

      3  Catherine Louise Jennings md Raphael Semmes

      4  Ruth Barbara Jennings md Paul Haddon Sanders

      5  Mary Olive Jennings md Norman Bruce Ames

    (7)  Frances Ellizabeth Jennings (1814SC - 1869MS) md Aurelius Martin (1809SC - 1853MS), son of Thomas Martin and Rebecca Wade, moved to Yalobusha County, MS, in 1837.

   g.  Robert Jennings md Frances Arnold

   h.  Thomas Jennings md Elizabeth ___

   i.   Henry Jennings

   j.   Elizabeth Jennings md ___ Anderson

   k.  Sarah Jennings md John Robertson Jr

   l.   Mary Jennings md Oliver Jeter

   m. Nancy Jennings md John Hicks

  2.  Agnes Jennings (1727VA) md Henry Dickerson

  3.  Elizabeth Jennings (1729VA - 1789VA) md George Hudson, lived in Hanover County, had:

   a.  Mary Hudson md Captain John Watkins

   b.  Elizabeth Hudson md Rev John Clay and had son below, md Henry Watkins

    (1)  Henry Clay was a US Senator from Kentucky; Clay County, AL, was named for him.

  4.  Sarah Jennings (1730VA - 1797VA) md John Fowlkes

  5.  Mary Jennings (1732VA - 1822VA) md Joseph Fowlkes

  6.  Robert Jennings  -  see G below, page 7

  7.  John Jennings (1735VA-1783VA) md Temperance Thompson and had children below, md Mary ___.  He died in Amelia County, where his will was written on 11 Dec 1783 and probated on 1 Jan 1784.

   a.  Joseph Jennings

   b.  William Jennings (~1757VA - 9 Sep 1812VA) married Mary Ann Billups in 1776.  He was born in Amelia County, served in the Amelia Militia in the Revolution as an ensign-lieutenant-captain, moved to Halifax County, VA, in 1788.

    (1)  John L. Jennings married Mary Tucker on 26 Oct 1817

    (2)  Sally Jennings md Joshua Clay in 1801

    (3)  William Jennings Jr (1777VA - 1849VA) md Martha Glass (1794-1867, dau of John Glass and Mary Chandler) in 1812 and had children below, held title of captain (in militia?), died in Halifax County.

     (a)  Christopher H.  Jennings (1812VA - 1882VA) md Mary L. Jennings in 1834, md Elizabeth DeJarnette, md Angeline West, and had the children below.

      1  Martha Ann Jennings (1835VA)

      2  John Billups Jennings (1837VA) md Mattie L. Glass in 1866

      3  Darling Meandy Jennings (1839VA)

      4  William Christopher Daniel Jennings (1845VA) md Fannie M. Guthrie in 1871

      5  George Edward J. Jennings (1847VA) md Mary Marshall, in 3d VA Cav in Civil War

      6  Mary Elizabeth Jennings (1849) md Henry Plunkett

      7  Patience R. M. Jennings (1852VA) md William Guthrie

      8  James Henry Jennings (1854VA - 1939VA) md Susan Frances Stevens in 1876

      9  Nancy Rebecca Jennings (1856-1861)

      10  Sallie Ann Jennings (1859VA) md Archie Womack, md Clay Harvey

      11  Virginia Dover Jennings (1861VA) md Alex Guthrie

      12  Emma Jennings (1864VA) md Austin Giles

      13  Richard Hunter Jennings (1867VA) md Viola Rudder, md Leola DeJarnette

     (b)  Mary B. Jennings (1816VA) md Harrison Oliver in 1836

     (c)  Joseph Jennings (1819-1820)

     (d)  Patience G. Jennings (1822VA) md E. G. Lewis in 1842

     (e)  John W. Jennings (1824VA) md Sarah Pringle in 1846

     (f)   Martha A. E. Jennings (1827VA) md T. H. Marshall in 1844

     (g)  William Jennings (1829VA) md Mary Glass in 1852

     (h)  Chrischanna J. Jennings (1832VA) md J. A. Pringle in 1848

     (i)   James R. Jennings (1834VA) md Elizateth Adams in 1855

     (j)   Sarah H. Jennings (1836-1838)

    (4)  Joseph Jennings md Nancy Wilborn in 1804

    (5)  Polly B. Jennings md Johnson Glass in 1817

   c.  Mary Jennings md William Oliver

   d.  John Jennings Jr (?VA - 1777VA) died in Halifax County, VA

  8.  Anne (Nancy) Jennings (1736VA - 1795VA) md Samuel Thompson Sr

  9.  James Jennings (1737VA - 1795VA) md Philadelphia Bruce in 1764, md Martisha (Winn) Crenshaw

  10.  Joseph Jennings (1739VA - 1804VA) md Ann Billups (1749-1811) in 1767 in Lunenburg County, VA

 G.  Robert Jennings (1733VA - 1798VA) md Elizabeth Childs (1734VA - ~1792VA) about 1758 in Orange County, VA, and had the son in H below, page 7.  Robert and Elizabeth died in Nottoway County, VA.  Her ancestors were:

  - Walter Chiles Sr (1572 Eng - 1653VA) and ___ of Somerset and Bristol, England, and Jamestown, VA

        - Walter Chiles Jr (1608 Eng - 1671VA) and Susannah ___ of Jamestown, VA

           - Henry Childs (Chiles) (1666VA - 1719VA) and Mary ___ (?VA - 1771VA) of Hanover and Orange Co, VA

   - Malachi Childs (1709VA - 1770VA) and Frances ___ (1711VA - ~1785VA) of Orange County, VA

 H.  William C. Jennings (~1765VA - 1803SC) was probably born in Orange County, VA.  He married Dycey Hall in VA and had the children below.  He moved to Pendleton District (Anderson County), SC, before 1803.   His estate was appraised on 4 Nov 1803 and included six slaves, ten head of cattle, three horses, and a shotgun.  Dycey married second Joshua Smith in Pendleton District in 1819.  Dycey and children sold 254 acres in Pendleton District in 1824, just before moving to Alabama.

  1.  Henry Jennings md Mary ___, received 350 acres from his mother in 1811, sold it in 1819.

  2.  Robert Jennings

  3.  Dica Hall Jennings md ___ Fowlkes

  4.  Stephen H. Jennings (1795VA - >1878GA) md Elizabeth Chastain and had children below.  He was in the War of 1812 in the SC Militia, lived in Haywood County of NC from 1814 to 1822, then moved to Burton, Rabun County, GA.

   a.  Henry R. Jennings (1807VA) md Mary Robertson

   b.  William R. Jennings (1809VA) died without children

   c.  Robert Pulliam Jennings (1811VA) died without children

   d.  Thomas Yarbrough Jennings (1812VA) died without children

  5.  John B. Jennings  -  see I below, page 8

 I.  John B. Jennings (1795VA - 1894AL) was born in Orange County, VA, and moved with his parents to SC before 1803.  He married Nancy Bruce (1802SC - 1846AL) about 1818 in Anderson County, SC, and had twelve children; Nancy was the daughter of John Bruce (1771VA - 1859SC).  John married second the widow Sarah A. (Sallie) Reed (1820SC) in Benton County, AL, and had three children.  He moved to Georgia  (Rabun County?) about 1825, moved to Alabama in 1837, and was farming near Rabbit Town and Jacksonville in 1860-70 census.  John and Sallie were buried in the Rabbit Town Cemetery.

  1.  Noah Jennings  -  see J below, page 10

  2.  Sarah Jennings (1820SC)

  3.  William H. Jennings (Apr 1824SC - 1905AL) married Elizabeth Jane ___ (Oct 1825GA) and had children below.  He moved from SC to Alabama in 1856 and was farming near Jacksonville in 1860-70, lived in Etowah County in 1900.

   a.  Mary Malissa Jennings (1853SC)

   b.  Henry M. Jennings (1855SC)

   c.  Sarah Jennings (1857AL)

   d.  Norma Jennings (1859AL)

   e.  John B. (Bird) Jennings (12 May 1855AL - 17 Jan 1938AL) married Martha M. Kinney (18 Oct 1864 - 14 Jul 1919) in 1878 and had the children below. His mother and her mother (Nancy J. Kinney 1824TN) lived with them in 1900.  He farmed at Rabbit Town, both buried in Rabbit Town Baptist Cemetery.

    (1)  Coke J. Jennings (1879-1947) md Atha ___ (1881-1904); md Nora E. ___ (1894-1974), had children below, divorced.  All three were buried at Rabbit Town Baptist Cemetery.

     (a)  David Jennings

     (b)  Wilson Jennings (1918-1981) buried in Rabbit Town Cemetery

     (c)  Edward Jennings

     (d)  dau ___ Jennings md T. W. Kilgore Jr

    (2)  John T. Jennings (Aug 1881)

    (3)  Joseph B. Jennings (Feb 1885)

    (4)  Julia F. Jennings (Jan 1887) md ___ Esterwood, lived in Eason Hill, GA

    (5)  Ira C. Jennings (Jul 1890)

    (6)  Annie A. Jennings (Apr 1892) md ___ Gilbert

    (7)  Robert Jennings (1896-1899) buried in Rabbit Town Cemetery

    (8)  Lillian Jennings (1898-1902) buried in Rabbit Town Cemetery

    (9)  Viola B. Jennings (Feb 1900) md ___ Adkins

    (10)  Lou J. Jennings (1904) md ___ Holliman

   f.   Joseph J. Jennings (1859) md Elizabeth G. ___ (1868), had children below, farmed at Polkville in 1920.

    (1)  George C. Jennings (1897)

    (2)  Myrtie C. Jennings (1902)

    (3)  Dave T. Jennings (1904)

    (4)  Joseph R. Jennings (1906)

   g.  Martha Jennings (1861)

   h.  Elizabeth Jennings (1863)

  4.  Mary Ann (Polly) Jennings (9 Dec 1826) married Belson Jones

  5.  John Wesley Jennings (6 Apr 1828GA - 21 Apr 1910AL) md Evie Poss in 1882

  6.  James Henry Jennings (15 Mar 1830GA - 16 Oct 1869AL) md Mary ___ (1832SC), had dau, lived in St Clair Co.

   a.  Nancy Ann Jennings (1852AL - 1918GA) md James Washington Reason in 1871, lived in Lagrange, GA

  7.  Leander (Eli) Jennings (19 Feb 1834GA - 1863) died in the Civil War

  8.  Thomas Jefferson Jennings (5 Sep 1836) probably died in Civil War

  9.  David Andrew Jennings (17 Sep 1838AL - 2 Feb 1908AL) married Martha J. Sarah Murry (10 Jun 1837GA - 25 Dec 1915AL) on 29 Dec 1856 and had the children below.  David was in 51st AL Partisan Rangers in the Civil War, farmed near Jacksonville and Rabbit Town in 1870-1900.  They were buried in Rabbit Town Cemetery.

   a.  Margaret Jennings (1858-1935) md ___ Ponder, buried at Nances Creek Cemetery.

   b.  Julie Jennings (1859)

   c.  Sarah E. (Sallie) Jennings (1863) md Joseph Douthard in 1887

   d.  Robert Bannister Lee Jennings Sr (21 Jun 1864AL - 17 Jun 1944AL) married Carrie Permelia Heath (1882-1965) and had son below.  Carrie was born in Clay County, daughter of John W. Heath (1855-1924, grandfather of James Heath of Ohatchee); she was first married to ___ Harper.  Robert was farming for his mother in 1910.  He was buried in Four Mile Methodist Cemetery, she in Greenlawn Memorial Cemetery.  Census shows he was born in 1863-66, gravestone shows 1866.

    (1)  R.B.L. Jennings Jr

     (a)  Robert Wayne Jennings

   e.  Charles Jennings (1867)

   f.   Jane Jennings (1869)

   g.  Henry W. Jennings (1871-1927) md Cordella R. Clouds (1869-1920) in 1889 and had children below.  They were buried in the Nances Creek Methodist Church Cemetery off Hwy 9.

    (1)  Bessie Alice Jennings (1890-1891) buried at Nances Creek Cemetery

    (2)  Clissie D. Jennings (1893)

    (3)  Ada Bell Jennings (1895-1918) buried at Nances Creek Cemetery

    (4)  Roy C.Jennings (1898)

    (5)  David J. Jennings (1900)

    (6)  Ruby M. Jennings (1901)

    (7)  John L. Jennings (1905)

    (8)  Clinton G.Jennings (1907)

    (9)  Nellie P. Jennings (1909)

   h.  Nancy Jennings (1874)

   i.   Ada Jennings (1876)

   j.  John T. Jennnings (Dec 1878) md Mary E. ___ (Feb 1879), lived in Rabbit Town 1900 with no children.

   k. Jackson E. Jennings (Jul 1884) md Louella ___ (1887GA), had daughter, lived in Anniston in 1920.

    (1)  Ruby L. Jennings (1901) md Horace L. Carter (1893TN)

  10.  Bannister Jennings (5 Sep 1839 - 3 May 1863) worked as farm laborer at Morrisville in 1860, died in Civil War

  11.  Nancy E. Jennings (27 Jun 1841) married James Parker in 1860

  12.  Andrew Jackson Jennings (13 Dec 1843 - 18 May 1914AL) md Sarah Murry (1842AL) in 1865, farmed near Jacksonville in 1870, died in Cherokee County, AL.

  13.  Susan Jennings (1853AL)

  14.  John B. Jennings Jr (12 May 1855AL - 17 Jan 1938AL) buried at Rabbit Town Cemetery

  15.  Joe Jennings (1859AL)

 J.   Noah Jennings (1818SC - >1880AL) married Priscilla Woodruff (1822SC - <1870AL), had seven children; married Matilda Castleberry (1845AL), had two children.  Priscilla was the daughter of Moses Woodruff (?-1848AL) and Winifred Archey (?-<1858AL).  Noah moved from SC to Alabama before 1847, was farming in Blount County in 1858, was farming at Morrisville in Benton County in 1860, farmed near Maddox community of Calhoun County in 1880.

  1.  Noah Jennings Jr (1837SC - >1900AL) md Eliza ___ (1840AL), farmed at Alexandria in 1900.

  2.  Lucinda Jennings (1839SC)

  3.  Jesse Phillip Jennings  -  see K below, page 12

  4.  Hannah Jennings (1849AL)

  5.  Nancy Jennings (1852AL) lived with her step-grandmother Dolphy Castleberry (1820NC) at Oxford in 1870

  6.  Martha Jennings (1855AL) md John D. Ford in 1879

  7.  Phebe Jennings (1859AL) worked as a servant for Elias Stephens (1814SC) on his farm in 1880

  8.  Robert J. (Bob) Jennings (1869-1930) married Julia A. Hamm (1872-1950) in 1888 and had children below.  They farmed at Iron City near Anniston, were buried in Pine Grove Cemetery on Hwy 202 in Calhoun County.

   a.  Oscar Jackson Jennings (1890-1960) md Maudie J. Finley (1890-1961), had children below, lived near father in 1910-20, was farmer, both buried at Post Oak Springs Baptist Cemetery.

    (1)  Hugh Jennings (1909-1993) md Nora E. ___ (1911-1963) lived in Anniston, buried Post Oak

    (2)  William J. Jennings (1910-1989) md Geneva J. ___ (1905-1980), buried Post Oak Springs

    (3)  Lou Jennings (1911) md J. D. Allen, lived in Opelika

    (4)  Julie Nora Jennings (1912-1916) buried at Post Oak Springs

    (5)  James D. Jennings(1914) lived in Gadsden

    (6)  Oscar Marion Jennings (1916) lived in Cocoa, FL

    (7)  Maggie Jennings (1917) md James S. Curvin (1913-1983), lived in Jacksonville, lived at Cullman, buried in Post Oak Springs Baptist Cem eteryoff Jacksonville-Alexandria Road.  He was the son of James Wallace Curvin (1860-1946) and Nellie Kemp (1872-1967).

    (8)  Luther Jennings lived in Anniston

    (9)  son R. A. Jennings lived in Anniston

    (10)  dau ___ md Calvin McCollum, lived in Opelika

    (11)  dau ___ md Irvin Hannah, lived in Cocoa, FL

    (12)  dau ___ md G. E. McCollum, lived in Gadsden

   b.  Mary Jennings (1892) md A. L. Hill

   c.  Thomas Hamilton Jennings (1894-1952) md Orie L. Humphries (1900-1976), had children below, farmed near Jacksonville, both buried at Post Oak Springs Baptist Cemetery.

    (1)  T. H. Jennings Jr

    (2)  Gus J. Jennings

    (3)  Jerry Jennings

    (4)  Hugh Gray Jennings

    (5)  Frances L. Jennings (1920-1990) md Lee Roy Heath (1914-1981).  He was the son of John Lee Heath (1887-1978) and Ada Parker (1886-1908), parents of James Heath of Ohatchee.  Frances and Lee Roy were buried at Oak Grove Cemetery.

    (6)  Thelma E. Jennings (1923-1945) buried at Post Oak Springs Cemetery

    (7)  dau ___ Jennings md L. C. Sprayberry

    (8)  Mary Jennings md Bill M. Nunnally.  He was the son of Edd Clark Nunnally (1892-1938) and Elizabeth Bessie Whisenant (1898-1938).

   d.  Matilda Jennings (1898) md G. S. Strickland

   e.  H. Floyd Jennings (1901) lived in Anniston

   f.   Flora Belle Jennings (1904-1991) md John L. Martin (1906), son of James M. Martin of Peak’s Hill

   g.  Robert Lee Jennings (1906-1958) md Pauline Greenwood (1912), buried Lloyd's Chapel Cemetery, had the children below.  Pauline md second  ___ Johnson, md third Tracy Fleming.

    (1)  Jimmy Jennings

    (2)  son Lenois Jennings

    (3)  Larry Jennings

    (4)  Bobby Jennings lived at Alford, AL

    (5)  Louise Jennings md John Smith

    (6)  Joyce Jennings md Douglas Nunnelley (1930)

   h.  Lucy Pearl Jennings (1908-1910) buried at Pine Grove Cemetery

    9.  Mary Ann Jennings (1873) md John H. Mullinax in 1887

 K.  Jesse Phillip Pilgrim Jennings (Feb 1846AL - >1900AL) married Willey Jane Jackson Moses (May 1848GA - >1900AL) on 18 June 1869 and had the children below.  Phillip was working on a farm near Jacksonville in 1870, farming near Polkville-Maddox in 1880, helping his sons to farm in Ohatchee in 1900.  Phillip and Willey were buried at Oak Bowery Cemetery; no dates shown on tombstones.

  1.  John H. (Jessie) Jennings (27 Mar 1870 - 29 Apr 1945) married Willie E. Bryant (18 Jun 1877 - 26 Dec 1902, died after childbirth), farmed in Polkville in 1900, had three children; married Nannie Sue ___ (Oct 1883 - Aug 1979) about 1903, had other children below, lived in Etowah County in 1910-20.  Jessie and wives were buried at Oak Bowery Cemetery.

   a.  dau Edie C. Jennings (Nov 1897)

   b.  Nellie J. Jennings (Sep 1898)

   c.  son Jennings (Oct 1902 - Nov 1902) buried at Oak Bowery

   d.  Gordon Jennings (1903)

   e.  Houston Jennings (1906)

   f.   Henrietta Jennings (1908)

   g.  Phillip Jennings (1909)

   h.  Leonard Jennings (1913)

   i.   Hazel G. Jennings (1915)

   j.   son Alwyn Jennings (1918-1946)

  2.  Fannie F. Jennings (1871- 1933) married Anderson L. Nunnelly Sr (1872-1941) in 1889.  He was the son of Henderson Nunnelly (1838) and Sarah Harper (1842), grandfather of Eddie Nunnelley (md Sadie Jennings).  They farmed in Ohatchee and were buried in the Oak Bowery Baptist Church Cemetery.  Her gravestone shows born 1875, census has 1871.

  3.  Major Forney Jennings  -  see L below, page 13

  4.  Lewis J. Jennings (Oct 1874-1935) married Ada A. Patterson (1882-1960) and had children below.  Lewis farmed in Ohatchee in 1910-20 near the Nunnelley, Nance, Sisson, and Scott families.  Both buried at Oak Bowery Cemetery.

   a.  Dewey D. Jennings (1900-1939) md Mary H. ___ (1901-1978), buried at Oak Bowery.

   b.  Tiny Jennings (1902) md G. P. Johnston, lived in Birmingham

   c.  Mattie Jennings (1904) md Robert Fred Bryant Sr (1902-1987), father of Thurman and Lou Ellen.

   d.  Jesse Jennings (1906) md Mattie L. ___ (1909-1969), lived in Ohatchee, buried in Crook Cemetery

   e.  William W. Jennings (1908AL - 1969TN) md Sydney A. (Koad) Bryant (1902-1982.  He worked at Rogers Mfg Co in Anniston, lived in Nashville, he and Koad were buried in Crook Cemetery.

   f.   Ruby Jennings (1911) md Doyle Pritchett, lived in Jacksonville

   g.  Gray L. Jennings (1914-1993) md Evelyn Summers, had three children who died as infants (1936, 1945, Gloria Faye 1946 - all buried at Oak Bowery).  He md Shirley G. ___ (1916), lived in Ohatchee, buried in Middleton Cemetery.

   h.  Mary Frances Jennings (1916) md Horace (Dick) Jones, lived in Ohatchee

   i.   Irsoline Jennings (1919) md Enoch Ward, lived in Anniston

   j.   Sam G. Jennings (1921-1933) buried at Oak Bowery

   k.  dau ___ Jennings md Orville Usrey, lived in Weaver

  5.  Samuel Jennings (1876 - >1957) married Clemmy ___ (1887) and had the children below.  Sam lived in Blount County in 1920, in Oneonta in 1957.

   a.  Ethel Jennings (1903)

   b.  Cecile Jennings (1906) - dau

   c.  Lesley Jennings (1908)

   d.  Leon Jennings (1910)

   e.  Moddell Jennings (1913) - dau

   f.   Gertrude Jennings (1914)

   g.  Eva Mae Jennings (1916)

   h.  Nora Jennings (1920)

  6.   Martha Jennings (1879)

  7.  Noah F. Jennings (Dec 1881 - >1957)  married Ada L. ___ (Feb 1882) in 1900 and had children below.  Noah lived in Gadsden in 1920 and 1957.

   a.  Noah Lavon Jennings (1908)

   b.  Boyce Jennings (1910) - dau

   c.  Sybil Jennings (1914)

   d.  Maurine Jennings (1916)

   e.  Robert Lee Jennings (1919)

  8.  Ada A. Jennings (Feb 1883)

 L.  Major Forney Jennings (21 Dec 1874 - 6 Mar 1957) married Mary Jane Reynolds (1 Jun 1879 - 28 Dec1953) in 1898 and had the children below.  The Reynolds family is summarized below.  In 1900, Major was a farm laborer, and Mary and son Albert were living with her father.  Major owned his own farm in Peak's Hill-Polkville in 1910-20, and lived near Anderson Nunnally, Berry B. Nunnally Jr, T.W. Poss, John Sisson, Fred Bryant.  Major and Mary were buried at Oak Bowery Cemetery.

   Christopher Reynolds (~1604 England - 1654VA) md Elizabeth ___ in Isle of Wight County, VA

         Richard Reynolds Sr (1641VA - 1712VA) md Elizabeth Sharpe

    Richard Reynolds Jr (1669VA - ?VA) md Mary Anderson

         Thomas Reynolds (1716VA - >1760VA) md Hannah Lewis, lived in Caroline County, VA

     William Reynolds (1740VA - 1805SC) md Margaret Harris, lived in Edgefield District, SC

           Benjamin Reynolds (~1760VA - ?SC) md Barbara Arnold, lived in Abbeville, SC

      William T. Reynolds (1783VA - >1850AL) md Elizabeth ___, moved to Benton County, AL, about 1840

            James Daniel Reynolds (1844SC - 1911AL) md Nancy Jane (Morris) Moody, lived in Ohatchee

  1.  Carl Albert Jennings (15 Feb 1899 - 30 Dec 1967) md Eva Lola Warren (9 Oct 1906 - 10 Apr 1978), had three children, lived in Hueytown, worked for TCI.  Eva was born in Alabama City, dau of Richard Warren and Bettie McCarty.

   a.  Carl Albert Jennings Jr (26 Mar 1936 - 16 Sep 1985)

   b.  Robert Earl (Bob) Jennings (26 Jan 1928) md ___ and had:

    (1)  Cathy Jean Jennings (16 Sep 1951) md ___ Cusimano, md ___ King

    (2)  Caren Jane Jennings (27 Nov 1957) md Vaughn D. Tidwell in Birmingham on 7 Aug 1976, had:

     (a)  Casey Jo Tidwell (22 May 1982)

     (b)  Matthew Vaughn Tidwell (17 Jan 1985)

   c.  Katherine Jennings (? - 1997) md ___ Marsh

   d.  Norma Jean Jennings

  2.  Sadie Lee Jennings (2 May 1901 - 3 May 1988) md Eddie E. Nunnelley (1888-1967) -  see Nunnelley below.

   Richard Nonely (~1615 England - >1640VA) came to America in 1632

         Richard M. Nunalay (~1640VA - 1727VA) md Sarah ___, lived in Henrico County, VA

    Thomas Nunnally (~1680VA - 1724VA) md Elizabeth ___, lived in Prince George County, VA

          Thomas Nunnally Jr (~1703VA - 1738VA) md Elizabeth ___

     Peter N. Nunnally (1723VA - >1820VA) md Elizabeth ___

           Peter Nunnelly Sr (1745VA - 1813VA) md Elizabeth Smart, lived in Prince Edward County, VA

      Peter Nunnelly Jr (1776VA - 1850SC) md Elizabeth ___, moved to Greenville District of SC <1820

            Daniel H. Nunnelly (1807VA - 1885AL) md Sarah Henderson, moved to Alabama in 1835

       David Henderson Nunnelly (1838 - >1910) md Sarah E. Harper, lived in Polkville

             Emily Ann (Duck) Nunnelley (1865-1942)

  3.  Forney Daniel Jennings (12 Dec 1902 -  21 Jan 1996) md Thelma Sisson (20 Nov 1901 - 23 Dec 1976), was ordained a deacon at Oak Bowery Baptist Church in 1944, was a farmer and grocer, both buried at Middleton Presbyterian Church Cemetery at Oak Bowery.  Thelma was the daughter of T.W. Sisson and Martha Beulah Beasley of Ohatchee.

  4.  Nannie Ester Jennings (15 Jun 1905 - 1990) md Benjamin C. Jones (1902-1964) and had children below.  He was the son of Benjamin Franklin Jones (8 Jan 1854AL - 24 Dec 1939AL) and Samantha Ann Haynie (6 Sep 1855AL - 14 Jan 1932AL) of Ohatchee.  Ben worked for Calhoun County Road Department, and he was ordained as a deacon of the Oak Bowery Baptist Church in 1941.  They were buried at Oak Bowery Cemetery.  

   a.  Marie Jones married Vernon Motes, had children below, live in Saks.

    (1)  Kenneth Motes (9 Feb 1949) md Elaine Hollis

    (2)  Ralph Motes (6 Oct 1951) md Debra Smith

   b.  Amos Jones married Mildred Medders on 17 Mar 1949, had children below, live in Ohatchee.

    (1)  Steve Jones

    (2)  Paula Jones md Marlin Harrell, had Craig and Dana (md ___ Pitts, had Morgan, Hayden)

    (3)  Drake Jones

   c.  Lester Jones (1929) married Lois Howard (2 Jul 1936) in Mississippi and had the children below at RMC in Anniston.  Lois is the dau of Robert Franklin Howard (Ch 25, page 25-2) and Eva Dean (Evie) McCarty (Ch 33, page 33-__).  Lester retired from Lee Brass and works for Saks Elementary school.  All belong to Oak Bowery Baptist Church in Ohatchee.

    (1)  Stanley Jones (1954) married Sherry Clark in Dothan and had the children below.  Sherry is the dau of Rev John Clark, pastor at Oak Bowery 1972-76.  Stanley coaches at Piedmont, Sherry a teacher at Piedmont Elementary.

     (a)  Elizabeth Jones (19 Nov 1982)

     (b)  Evan Jones (6 Sep 1993)

    (2)  Delores Jones (1958) married Mike Harrell in 1975 at Oak Bowery and had the children below.  Delores works for First Baptist Church in Gadsden, Mike works at Anniston Army Depot.

     (a) Jennifer Marie Harrell md Kristopher Jason Mullinax on 12 Dec 1998 at the Oak Bowery Baptist Church .  She works for Greenbrier Baptist Church.

     (b)  Zachery Harrell works for Food World

    (3)  Benjamin (Benji) Jones (1970) is employed at Borders Construction Company.

   d.  James Harold Jones (20 Mar 1935) married Betty Wright (20 Dec 1937) on 24 May 1957 in Oxford and had the children below.  Harold worked as a pattern-maker for Anniston Foundary, R&J Machinery, and M&H Valve Company.  Betty was a nurse for Stringfellow Hospital and NEA Regional Medical Center in Anniston.  They are members of Oak Bowery Baptist Church.  Harold joined the church in 1944, was Sunday School superintendent in 1959-63, was ordained a deacon in 1965, was Training Union director in 1967-68, chairman of deacons in 1968-76.

    (1)  Barbara Kay Jones (2 Aug 1958) md Mark Wilson Willingham and had:

     (a)   Mark Wilson Willingham Jr (1 Sep 1984 Crosby,TX)

     (b)  Thomas Andrew Willingham (14 Feb 1986 Anniston,AL)

    (2)  Timothy Harold Jones (19 Mar 1960) attended Gadsden State and Auburn University.

   e.  Alice Annette Jones (26 Aug 1938) md Clarence O. Truitt on 13 Feb 1954, had children below, live in Ohatchee.  Clarence is the son of Otis Truitt and Clara Bell Phillips.  He was Training Union director at Oak Bowery Baptist Church in 1962-65, choir director in 1969-77.  Alice was Training Union director in 1975 and 1977-78.

    (1)  Diana Lynne Truitt (14 Jul 1956) md Charles E. Sumner Jr in 1980, had Robyn Leia (29 Jul 1986)

    (2)  Phillip Clarence Truitt (20 Jun 1958) md Barbara Ann Kuykendall (15 Oct 1959) on 7 Jun 1980 and had the children below.  Barbara was the daughter of Sue and Nelson Kuykendall, pastor at Oak Bowery in 1963-66.

     (1)  Emily Lauren Truitt (4 Apr 1982)

     (2)  Nathan Phillip Truitt (1 Oct 1984)

     (3)  Jonathan Andrew Truitt (1 Nov 1988)

     (4)  Allison Kendall Truitt (13 Mar 1992)

    (3)  Eric Wayne Truitt (12 Dec 1962) md Melonie Gilbe (29 May 1962) on 19 Nov 1983, divorced 1987, and had: Tyler Eric Truitt (6 Feb 1988), Brittney Erica Truitt (12 Feb 1992).

  5.  son T.Z. Jennings (25 Mar 1907 - 25 Jan 1991) md Arlie ___ on 23 Mar 1928, had children below, retired from TCI, lived in Hueytown.

   a.  Peggy Jennings

   b.  Doris Jennings md ___

   c.  Gay Jennings md Billy Wayne Morris, live in Anniston

   d.  Mary Jennings

  6.  Charles Jennings (28 Apr 1909) md Lydia Ruth Nance (1920), had children below, was postmaster of Ohatchee.  She was daughter of J. B. Nance (1883-1955) and Mary Emma Baker (1892-1941).

   a.  Charles Jennings Jr md Rhoda Gail Mitchell, lives in Lincoln

   b.  Ricky Jennings married/divorced Phyllis Bryant (dau of Alton Bryant)

   c.  Barbara Jennings md George Earnest (Earnie) Howard (son of Almos Howard)

   d.  Shirley (Sherry) Jennings md Danny Dunn, lives in Ohatchee

   e.  Gilmore Jennings

  7.  Willa Louise Jennings (15 Nov 1910 - Jun 1983) md William S. (Bill) Reynolds (1901-1972) from Clay County, had children below.  Bill was a heavy-equipment operator in Calhoun County, lived in Ohatchee, both buried at Oak Bowery.

   a.  Major Lee (Corky) Reynolds md Jo Williams, live in Gulf Breeze FL

   b.  Bill Reynolds (7 Jul 1945 - 1 Aug 1992) md Classie Hightower, she lives in Ohatchee

   c.  Judy Reynolds md Jack McBurrnet, live in Lincoln

  8.  Harry Phillip (Sonny) Jennings (28 May 1912) md Mildred ___, had daughter, lives in Hueytown, worked at TCI.

   a.  Elva Joyce Jennings (2 Jun 1941) md Charles Wilson, lived at Russellville, now lives in Tampa FL

  9.  L. D. Jennings (1 May 1914) md Annie Hamilton Bryan (24 Jan 1910 - 31 May 1995), had children below.  Ann was the daughter of Cullen Duvall Bryan and Nannie Haughton of Birmingham.  Ann was a school teacher and taught at Lyndon, Piedmont, Ohatchee, Saks, and Anniston High School, where she retired.  L.D. retired from Anniston Army Depot, lives in Ohatchee, is a member of Oak Bowery Baptist Church.

   a.  Lin Douglas Jennings (23 Nov 1945) md/div twice, lives with father, works for Jamison Inn in Oxford.

   b.  Nan Jennings (29 Oct 1948) md Jack Waddell, lives in Alexandria, teaches at Saks School.

  10.  Walter Jennings (1 Apr 1916 - 24 Oct 1920)

  11.  Archie Noah Jennings (27 Jan 1918 - 20 Mar 1997) md Corrine Peak, had children below, worked at TCI steel plant, lived in Hueytown.

   a.  Jerry Jennnings lives in Hueytown

   b.  Lawrence Jennings lives in Hueytown

   c.  Dinah Jennings, mentally retarded, lives with brother Lawrence

  12.  infant boy Jennings (b/d 9 Jun 1921)

  13.  Wallace Eugene Jennings Sr (2 Aug 1922) md Sarah Jeal Salters on 20 Aug 1942, had children below, worked for an oil distributor, lives in Hueytown.

   a.  Sarah Helen Jennings (1 Mar 1947) md ___

   b.  Mary Louise Jennings (26 Aug 1952)

   c.  Wallace Eugene Jennings Jr (31 Aug 1955) md ___

   d.  Emily Jane Jennnings (5 Aug 1965)